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DCCB meetings are currently postponed during the pandemic crisis.  When the crisis abates, DCCB will schedule upcoming member meetings on Saturdays.  All meetings will start at noon and run until approximately 3:00 PM.  They will be held in the community room at Wilshire Park Condominiums located at 3701 Connecticut Avenue, NW.

DCCB held a meeting on Saturday, January 11.  The speaker was Paul Schroeder, Director, Public Policy and Strategic Alliances for Aira.  Using a mobile app and a smart phone or smart glasses, Aira connects clients who are visually impaired with trained sighted agents who can assist them remotely with all sorts of visual tasks.  With more Aira promotions and with more businesses providing free Aira service, Aira has become an invaluable tool for more and more of us.

DCCB's prior meeting took place on Saturday, November 9.  The guest  speaker was Jerry Kasunic, Administrative Officer for the Department of For-Hire Vehicles.  The mission of the Department of For-Hire Vehicles is to protect public interest by regulating the vehicle-for-hire industry to allow the citizens and visitors of the District of Columbia to have safe, affordable, and accessible transportation options.  It runs Transport D.C. which provides low-cost taxi cab transportation for people with disabilities.  See the link Transportation and Mobility on this site for more information about Transport D.C.

DCCB held another meeting on Saturday, September 14.  The guest speaker was Jordan Pascale,  WAMU’s transportation reporter.  He discussed the future trends in transportation across the DMV.  DCCB members had an opportunity to talk with him about how changes to bus service, rail service taxis,  share ride services autonomous cars, and more might impact blind or visually impaired people as  they commute to work, shop, and  visit friends or family.  Officers and directors were elected.

The Metropolitan Washington Ear (MWE) provides audio description for various theatrical performance.  See the link Recreation and Entertainment on this site for more information about MWE and its program offerings.

The archives for the 100th anniversary of DCCB can be found at: