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History, Meetings and Governing Structure

DCCB was originally organized as the District of Columbia Association of Workers for the Blind in 1912.  It incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1936.  In the late 1960s it elected to become an affiliate member of the American Council of the Blind and changed its name to the District of Columbia Council of the Blind.  It is proud of its long history of serving and representing blind and visually impaired residents of the Washington metropolitan area.
Membership in DCCB is open to all with no or limited vision or who have an interest in vision loss.  The annual membership fee is $10.  Members meet six times a year.  Meetings have been held in various public places but are currently held in the community room at 3701 Connecticut Avenue in northwest Washington, DC on Saturdays from noon until 3:00 PM.  Lunch of Greek specialties or sandwiches may be purchased for $10 by advance reservation.  Generally a guest speaker will talk on a topic of particular interest to the members.

The Bylaws of the DC Council of the Blind as amended November 2013 can be found at the below link:

DCCB's Bylaws

DCCB is governed by elected officers and a Board.  Current officers are as follows:
President –Freddie Peaco
Vice President - Raymond Raysor
Recording Secretary - Jeanette Gerrard
Treasurer - Carol Sery
Information Officer - Sarah Presley

All officers serve on the Board.  The other current Board members are Kathy Brandt, Oral Miller, Richard Nuanes and Sandra Sermons. 
DCCB has five standing committees: Membership, Legislative, Advocacy, Program and Beneficiary.  Committee membership is open to any DCCB member who wishes to join.